The Basic Package

The Basic Package works wonders for anyone in need of a little wardrobe de-cluttering. Think of it as a first step into the magical world of wardrobe transformations. Suitable for a 2 door wardrobe or equivalent. The results are stunning.

The Deluxe Package

Looking for a deep wardrobe overhaul? The Deluxe Package is an excellent option for those with a larger quantity of clothes, or anyone looking for a complete wardrobe rejuvenation. It includes colour coordination, ‘perfect folding’ and a wardrobe ‘style edit’, where we’ll assist you in selecting what to keep and what to discard. Suitable for a larger 4 door wardrobe / 2 door plus drawers, or equivalent. Choosing what to wear will suddenly feel like a trip to your favourite boutique.

The Old Home / New Home Package
Upon request

Few experiences can be as daunting as moving, but no need to despair! With The Old Home / New Home Package we will help you take care of all of your belongings, coordinate your movers, unpack & get your new place in order. If you have already moved in and are surrounded by a sea of boxes, just let Wardrobe Fairy step in and turn that reigning mess into a beautifully organised space.




Spread the magic with our incredibly practical & unbelievably sweet Gift Vouchers. Redeemable for any of our special packages or tailored according to your specifications